Ford Technology: Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature provides everything conventional cruise control does — keeps a constant speed without having to work the brake or accelerator pedals — plus automatically maintains a comfortable distance from vehicles ahead.


  • Use the Information Display to set Normal or Adaptive. Scroll through the available menus by selecting Settings > Driver Assist > Cruise Control > Adaptive/Normal
  • Normal mode acts as a conventional cruise control system
  • Turning On:
    • Use Cruise Control switches
    • Press ON
    • Accelerate to speed
    • Press SET+Adjusting Gap:
    • Press GAP to desired setting
    • Settings shown in Information Display
  • Turning Off/Cancel:
    • Press OFF
    • Or, press the brake pedal to cancel
  • There are 4 available Gap settings, each represented by the number of bars that show up in the Information Display while in use
  • Automatic decreases in vehicle speed and engagement of brakes are normal parts of the system
  • Once traffic clears, the system automatically returns to cruise Set speed and normal speed-control function.
  • If the sensors are blocked by rain, snow, mud or damage, the driver receives an error message
  • Manually applying the brake pedal, the system is canceled, returning full control of the vehicle to the driver, just as with conventional cruise control


The information provided above is meant to be a brief overview of the technology available from Ford Motor Company.  As always, you should refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for specific details, system features and operating instructions, etc. 

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