Terrain Management System

This feature allows drivers to select modes that properly balance four-wheel drive, engine, transmission and traction control systems to situations and road conditions they encounter.

Available on the 2014 Ford Explorer

How to Operate
The icons depict the various settings to best suit driving conditions:

  • Normal: For all regular driving with normal road conditions
  • Mud/Ruts: For muddy, rutted, soft or uneven terrain. Optimizes torque and allows wheelspin to help maintain momentum
  • Sand: For soft dry sand or deep gravel terrain. Optimizes torque for increased traction, holding gears longer with a more aggressive throttle progression and allows wheelspin to help maintain momentum
  • Snow/Gravel/Grass: For firm surfaces covered in packed snow, ice, water, grass or gravel. Limits torque to wheels to prevent slippage and upshifts gears earlier with a less aggressive throttle progression to improve traction
  • Hill Descent Control: For creeping down steep inclines, without using the brake pedal

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